I may not be able to find flour….


But I really need something blooming in my life right now so I masked up and headed to a local nursery down the road for the other kind of flower.




No make up, no manicure and wearing a sweatshirt.

The Corona lock down has definitely put a nail in the coffin of my beauty regime.

Please note the mask is color coordinated though.

I’m not a heathen FFS.



Came home with a car load full of pansies, begonias, geraniums, mallow and a container of pretty I don’t know what.



This will be a good start… but no where near enough to fill my beds.

32 thoughts on “I may not be able to find flour….”

  1. You still can’t find flour? I mean other than the garden variety. Well, what a beautiful alternative! I wish I could work in my yard….but it would never be as vibrant or beautiful as Casa River.

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  2. I did the same thing yesterday, got all my veggie plants for my garden. First time I’ve been “out” in 2 months! I love your mask, mine is one of those ugly white ones.

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    1. Thanks. We have a 65 acre organic vegetable farm across the street. Seems rude to plant our own so I stick to flowers.
      I bought a bunch of different masks on Etsy. I can’t sew a stitch!

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  3. Since you’re planting mallow I assume you’ve got a marsh to put it in.
    I’m only half kidding. Aquatic gardening really can be quite fun, although it looks like you’ve got your hands full even if your beds aren’t.

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