A much better smell.


Thankfully the eau de la cow pie fragrance is dissipating and something more wonderful is taking it’s place.

It started like this…



And then…




Apple blossoms.



And if you’ve never stuck your head right up inside a tree and sniffed?



What are you waiting for!



We have 4 such trees.

And they’re glorious.


19 thoughts on “A much better smell.”

  1. As pappy used to say when the redolent clouds of fresh bovine scat would waft through an open window. “Smells like money in the bank to me!”
    Spring is well on its way here … we are segueing into early summer.
    Mowing will become a major part of my existence.

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    1. Mowing and the accompanying trimming is an all day event here and could be repeated every 3 days in season… though we try to go 6. We love the result, but it’s damn time consuming.


  2. It’s not often I know of a song that coincides perfectly with one of your posts, and when it does, I’m certainly not going to be so selfish as to not share it. How lucky can a Rivergirl get?


  3. Gorgeous photos! I’m envious! Reminds me of a year living in an area of eastern Washington full of fruit orchards and how fun it was to run past them in spring. I’m inspired; it’s long past time I planted some fruit trees on my own lot. The deer will thank me – and you!

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