The little bastards.


It’s not like I don’t welcome and feed all our visiting critters enough of a variety.

Three types of bird seed, suet, strawberries, peanut nuggets, oranges, grape jelly, blueberries, nectar, deer grain, salad scraps, old bread, apples and pears…

Christ, I even buy special dog food with taurine for the foxes.

And we don’t have a dog!

So yes, I was a little peeved when I went to sit on the barn porch the other day..



And saw that one of them had done this –



And this –



As well as this –



On every single seat cushion.

Ungrateful little bastards!

18 thoughts on “The little bastards.”

  1. As if all the rampaging and vandalism in our cities isn’t enough, now even the critters in the boonies are getting in on the act. Where is the Maine equivalent of Andy Taylor and Barney Fife when you need them?

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