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I blamed the wrong critter.


Ever since we painted the barn/man cave the perfect shade of red, I’ve been sputtering about recovering the porch furniture because now… it clashes.



I recently bought some color coordinated fabric and found a local woman who’s going to do the job.



Me… sew? Yeah, that’s not happening. So while I was waiting for the seamstress to tell me she was done with prom and wedding dress alterations, I saw this:






The edges of all the cushions had been shredded!

I ranted, I blamed woodchucks. I cursed, I blamed mice. I sputtered, I blamed chipmunks. But guess what?



The real culprit..



Was a bird looking for nesting material.

Mother Nature. She has all manner of ways to drive you crazy.


Still driving me nuts.


I came home from the store the other day and stepped up on our kitchen landing.



Which is when I saw it.

Do you see it?



Let me give you a hint…



We hadn’t seen the little red bastards for a while, but it was right there.



A stolen apple wedge. Prominently placed where I couldn’t help but see it.



That bitch is taunting me now.


A little more stuffing.


There’s stuffing everywhere.



But one side of the ceiling was finished, complete with new light fixtures.



Were they properly measured and equally spaced?



They were not… which drives me to distraction every time I look at them. But no one was fried to a crisp and they actually work, so we’ll take our blessings where we find them.



Stuffing then moved to the other side.



And things started piling up on my porch, which will not be tolerated.



Wires for the other side were moved.



And strung amongst the stuff.

Yes, there are 5 doors leaning up against the wall.

Do we need 5 extra doors?

I think you know the answer to that by now…..



A bridge too far.


Things have started appearing on our barn porch.



Rusty things.



Old things.



Things that look like my husband chose them.



He swears he didn’t, and since we weren’t home when these things showed up? I have to believe him.

Someone is leaving things on our porch.

Things we don’t need.

We have more than enough things!

So please, whoever did this?

Keep your things to yourself.

And we’re stuffing…


Now that the  not even friggin’ close to   temporary doors were finished, it was time to start insulating the ceiling.



This product is great, not nearly as toxic and itchy as the old pink stuff….. but still, masks and gloves help.



Many, many small pieces had to be cut.



With (for once! ) the appropriate tool.

Imagine cutting into a large, dry, rectangular angel food cake and you get the idea.



Stuff. Stuff. Stuff.

Into all the spaces in between.



After he built shelves for his speakers….



And tucked all the wires away.

Oh, you spotted that ancient electric typewriter?

Of course he had to bring it home when his office threw it away.  It works! And heck, you never know when you might need one.




It took a whole day to stuff the small corners and when I tried to leave to cook dinner?



I had to wait.



But the sunset was nice.



So it wasn’t really a hardship.




This is the way we’ve been spending most of our evenings during the summer of Covid-19.



Barn porch sitting with an adult beverage…. or two.



Sometimes there’s a sunset.



The deer usually wander up for a treat.



And bark at us if we’re spotted.



Which, all things considered… is pretty frickin’ rude.



We are the treat suppliers after all.



I don’t need a formal thank you note, but a little common courtesy would be nice.




Momma squirrel has not forgotten.


While relaxing on the barn porch the other afternoon…..




Our peace and quiet was disturbed by one very perturbed rodent.




Momma squirrel was back and chattering up a storm.

She was scrambling up and down the posts.




Running back and forth along the eaves.




And most definitely making her presence known.

Her memory is long.

And apparently all has not been forgiven.

It was one of those days when you just want to freeze time.


The weather was perfect.



75 degrees with bright sunshine and a gentle breeze.



We’d spent the day mowing and trimming and weeding….



And everything looked perfect.



Lilacs were cut for vases and perfumed the air with the scent of a long awaited spring.



And we ended the day with adult beverages on the big barn porch…. where the only thing to worry about was walking back inside for refills.

Life is good.