Ducks… and a deer.


We now have daily duck visitors.

A pair of mallards who make me smile and cut grapes in half. It’s the best food for ducks…. though they prefer to nibble on deer grain.

They’re here off and on all day but make a point of showing up about 4:00pm when I put out the nightly treats for the deer.

You would think the considerably larger deer would scare them off.



But in actuality, it’s the opposite.



The deer is frightened of the ducks and makes sure to eat on the opposite side.



Keeping one eye on those terrifying birds the whole time.


22 thoughts on “Ducks… and a deer.”

  1. Having had my fingers pinched by hungry ducks as a kid, trying to feed them, I think the deer is wise to be wary. Duck beaks are not to be trifled with!

    What a menagerie you’ve got in your backyard! How entertaining! I admit, I’m jealous.

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      1. Yes. So are chickens. This is why I’ve suggested to you that you get some chickens when you’ve posted about rodents eating wires or belts or whatever in your car.

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