Baby barn progress.


So work continued on our project from Hell.



Trim completed, we started shingling the back half of the roof….. and if you know anything about the baby barn?

You know it wasn’t going to cooperate.




Oh, the first row was perfectly level.




Unfortunately…. it was also 5/8ths of an inch short.

If you’ve ever done roofing, you know what a nightmare this is. Tiny little strips of shingles had to be cut for every row and you can’t put them at the end. No, that would be too easy. They had to be tucked somewhere in the middle so it didn’t screw up the pattern… which meant cutting one other shingle on every row as well.

Time consuming? You could say that.




It literally took us all friggin’ day to do the back half of this little roof.

Okay, so the fact that the husband bought the wrong size flashing at Home Depot the night before   (because he went without me and therefore to the wrong store)  and then had to go back to Home Depot to return it the next day and get the right size flashing  (again without telling me and therefore to the wrong store )  and because Home Depot doesn’t sell the right size flashing  ( we’d bought the right size flashing across town at Lowes a month ago  )  he  also had to take a trip to Lowes.

The moral of that lengthy run on sentence? Tell your wife before you go somewhere so she can tell you you’re wrong. It will save you time and aggravation….. and she’ll thoroughly enjoy it.

No, that ridiculous waste of time didn’t help.

Of course, yours truly telling the husband he should have checked with me first didn’t help either…. but you know I had to.



Needless to say I put some physical distance between us after that comment.



I’m not sure the big barn porch was far enough, but at least it was out of hammer strike range.



So progress was slow, but it was progress.



And here’s a picture of a spider carrying off a dead fly….

Just for variety’s sake.



And then finally it was done.

But I didn’t get a picture because I was inside cooking dinner.

Hey, you’ve seen one crooked baby barn roof, you’ve seen them all.



26 thoughts on “Baby barn progress.”

  1. I want you know know that I LOVE your blog so very much!!! It is kind of like “Everybody Loves Raymund” !!!!!! You are freakin’ hilarious!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. And now I want a baby barn. I am imaging all the crap we could fit in there. Since we JUST cleaned out the garage though, I am realizing that a barn would also need to be cleaned out.

    Men and their notions on fix-it jobs. I know nothing ’bout roof flashing but I do know that the window well that overflows in the basement (for 4 yrs) when we have a heavy downpour is gonna require a professional and if Coach watches one more video or consults one more internet video before asking someone to fix it- I am gonna lose my mind.

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    1. Thankfully my other half doesn’t do that. A little knowledge is sometimes worse than none at all, especially when it comes to DYI.
      And I whole heartedly recommend a baby barn. Just be sure to start it from scratch, not remodel a 46 year beast like we did.


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