I thought I saw a dog.


At least that’s what it looked like in the field across the street.




(Pardon the picture quality, it was far away and my zoom was maxxed out.)




I thought it was a dog…..




But it wasn’t a dog.




It was the often heard, but seldom seen coyote.




And while I recognize his necessary part in the eco system…..




I admit I was a little nervous seeing him cross the street….




And head down into the woods where our deer, fox, raccoons, skunks and woodchucks live.




But what made me even more nervous?




Was realizing there were actually two of them.

27 thoughts on “I thought I saw a dog.”

  1. Coyotes…we have some here. Even though there is a lot of green space and a huge lake within walking distance in my neighbourhood, we are skirting the south-western part of a huge metropolitan city (Toronto) with 3 mill inhabitants.

    Hopefully the coyotes stick to eating the many rabbits, not people’s pets. 😶

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  2. Cool sighting! A little brazen, even, in the open in daytime. Coyotes eat a lot of the smaller critters – voles, mice, gophers, shrews, rabbits. Hopefully there are enough of those meals in surrounding areas that they won’t bother the critters you feed, although they may smell and be attracted to the meals you leave out for your furry friends.

    Coyotes are certainly good at provoking both admiration and fear in we humans. I totally understand your nervousness; feel the same when I see or hear them near my place or in the forest.

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  3. I’m with Evil, a roadrunner would give those Coyotes a “run” for their money….lmao. Sorry I had to or I’d have that with me all day. It’s true though, roadrunner do make the Coyotes work for their supper and usually they don’t catch them, like ever.

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