Back to the nightmare.

Oh, you thought the squirrel eviction was the end?

No, that was merely a side story.

The nightmare was the hole.

And the decades worth of squirrel nests concealed there in.

Appropriately masked, the husband approached.

Pulled a panel and…

How’s that for an action shot?

Man, you would not believe how much stuff he pulled out of there.

It was, in a word…. disgusting.

And landed everywhere.

If that isn’t enough to make the husband pay attention when I wave the honey do list in the future?

Nothing ever will be.

So now we had an empty hole.

A big empty hole with a badly installed spotlight fixture.

And a momma squirrel… who even though she found and moved her babies… still wanted back in.

So as the husband worked, with an audience, and stomped my geraniums to such a pulp I had to temporarily relocate them…

Momma squirrel was watching.

Many frustrating hours later, just as I was willing to admit defeat and use this-

It was done.

Hole plugged.

And momma red thwarted. We think.

32 thoughts on “Back to the nightmare.”

      1. Wonder why she is so adamant about getting back in her hole even with all her kids safely tucked away somewhere else…
        Could it be because she has a whole pile of stored food in there – somewhere?


  1. I love your red door! I think it is on a storm cellar? I can’t believe momma watched. Maybe get her a toolset so she helps your husband? Haha. We have our own squirrel and named him Berryl the Squirrel. So far, he just hangs with the bunnies and birds, eating the birdseed I scatter and sprawls out on the front porch, when not eating. 🙂

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  2. Great job telling that story in photo mode – love the “action shot”. We had birds in our chimney, but that was resolved when we had the chimney removed and the hole covered with new roof. I have no idea where the nesting material landed, but I suspect it’s at the base of the chimney chute somewhere in the basement. I’m also pretty sure there’s something living under our garage because the dog keeps sniffing around there, but I’m not willing to find out for sure. So long as they don’t actually get into the garage, I’ll live and let live.

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  3. Well . . . he might be a procrastinator, but at least your husband does good work! Well done.

    As I was laughing/gagging at the hayride filler raining down on his head, I was thinking that masks do have their uses!

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  4. Good job cleaning our and patching. I have done similar, and I know how much stuff they put up there. When they don’t have to build a nest *because your house is providing the support) they just pile crap in until it’s comfy.

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