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I love my town.


And the ridiculous things they post on their Facebook page.



Must float didn’t seem too much to ask… which is why some smart ass posted this photo:



I love smart asses.

In other news, coyotes.



We hear them all the time. It’s quite eerie…



Free roosters are the one and only free item I can’t talk my husband into.



Hoe downing squirrels are nothing to take lightly, trust me on this.



Chicken theft.

The world really has gone crazy.


Holy crap!



I’m literally going to talk about crap…. and you’re going to wonder why you ever started following me in the first place.



Piles of crap have suddenly begun showing up on our front lawn.



Same spot, by the kitchen door, every morning, totaling 4 piles.



Sorry, I can’t.

Weird as it sounds, we’ve lived here for 18 years and have never had a dog leave a deposit. Ever!

It’s too big for woodchuck or fox. And it’s not skunk. They leave a trail of small black poo nuggets on the driveway.

We have started seeing raccoons late at night, and they do make the rounds.



But I’m thinking coyotes might be setting us up as a rural rest stop.



So if any of my readers are expert scat identifiers?

Now would be the time to weigh in.

*Poop Update –  since writing this the other day.




The count is up to 5 piles, and since it rained…. closer examination of contents was possible.

(Still with me? You really are loyal readers!)





I think we can safely rule out coyote now.

I thought I saw a dog.


At least that’s what it looked like in the field across the street.




(Pardon the picture quality, it was far away and my zoom was maxxed out.)




I thought it was a dog…..




But it wasn’t a dog.




It was the often heard, but seldom seen coyote.




And while I recognize his necessary part in the eco system…..




I admit I was a little nervous seeing him cross the street….




And head down into the woods where our deer, fox, raccoons, skunks and woodchucks live.




But what made me even more nervous?




Was realizing there were actually two of them.