I am not happy.


At the beginning of the season I bought 2 large pots of various blooming pretties for the big barn porch.

They were gorgeous, and looked like this:




They were absolutely thriving.




And then….




They weren’t.





Yes, you adorable little devil.




I’m talking to you…


And I am not happy!

42 thoughts on “I am not happy.”

  1. Apparently you aren’t doing something right.

    I have a Nineteen year old still inhabiting a room at my house. –
    How to get him to stop eating my flowe… (uhh) food?
    Would cutting him off help me?
    Of course you want to keep your furry ones around while I’m trying to get rid of mine.

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  2. The problem is that you just don’t buy the right stuff. If you brought home rusty, primitive antiques like the husband (does), the “cute” little munch-kins would have to find nourishment elsewhere. Plus, the antiques will last forever and never need watering.

    Score one for hubby!.

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  3. How nice of you to put a special treat out for that little critter! Last year, my daughter and I spent an entire Saturday planting a couple of hundred dollars worth of pretty red-white-and-yellow annuals. When I got up Sunday morning, every single red one was gone. Only the red. And they were obviously chewed off the stalks. This year, I opted for a few small potted plants instead. So far, they’re doing good, but I’m not betting on their longevity.

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  4. I’ve been there, except with deer. One day last summer I spotted a seemingly empty planter in the outer part of the back yard. As I walked toward it I thought, “Did someone steal my flowers right out of the plant pot?!” Once I got closer, though, I saw that they were just nibbled down to the dirt. So frustrating.

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