Another scorcher.


Temperatures and humidity rose to an unbearable level but the deck railing project moved on.


And with copious amounts of sweat.



Rotted wood here.



Rotted wood there.

And then my husband decided to add the piece of J channel that he was supposed to add 16 years ago when he enlarged the deck.

(No judgement on the dirty siding please, we have yet to buy a new pressure washer.)



The existing piece only ran halfway and the task of replacing it has been on my honey do list for almost two decades.

So off to the store he went, coming back with white J channel, while the old piece is beige.

This was a problem.



That he knew he could solve.



Hours were spent on this tiny annoying detail.

The old piece wouldn’t come out without tearing off the siding, and the siding had been caulked around the door and corner post so that was more hassle than it was worth.



He tried to slide it over, then under, and then up around the old piece but nothing worked.



Hot and frustrated, he ended up cutting a section of the old piece out and we were left with this.



A gap which will probably fill with water when it rains, but hey… it matches.



And if you’re wondering what I was doing during this time?



I was breaking the little toe on my right foot which isn’t so little anymore.

Ever the helpful wife, that’s me.

For something so small, it’s amazing how much that sucker can swell and hurt.

The result of my injury?



Husband had to do my job of staining the new wood.

In what little bit of shade he could find.

An entire day, and only we accomplished 3 things.

Yay us.

21 thoughts on “Another scorcher.”

    1. July and August are our hottest months. It used to average in the 70’s and no one had air conditioning, even in their cars. We just didn’t need it. Now we get summers of mid 80’s and humidity with heat waves near 100. No climate change my ass.

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      1. I moved to Maine for the first time in 1978 and we never had hot summers. Moved back in 2001 and now we have them every year. Three window unit air conditioners can attest to that.

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    1. Contrary to the tone of my posts, we do enjoy the tinkering. Especially when it’s done. As for the wife, I’d say you don’t know what you’re missing… but you probably do.


  1. Your explanation for your broken toe (and I’m sorry to learn about that – ouch!) reminds me of a phrase made famous by an old time Oregon trail runner: “I was passing trees like they were standing still!” In other words, blame it on the object that can’t move 😉

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