Flowers, flags and foolishness.


Flowers –

For a pure burst of summer color?



You can’t beat peonies.



They’re bright, lush and smell heavenly.



Flags –

Or as my husband calls them…



Guest towels from the spare bathroom you nail into a long piece of wood when your wife isn’t looking.

Foolishness –



The gift a friend gives you because she knows you’re allergic to horsefly bites.



With a name like the Bug Bite Thing, you don’t expect it to work.



And no surprise, it didn’t. A horsefly bit me, I suctioned my arm as directed and still swelled up like a politician at a pay by the plate fundraising dinner.

More foolishness –



Contains 40% urea.


Don’t know what urea is?

Google it, I’ll wait.



Who in the world wants to rub urine on their feet.

And on the off chance I ever do? I’ll save myself some money and ask the neighbor’s dog to pee on me. Lord knows he’s been trying to for years.


17 thoughts on “Flowers, flags and foolishness.”

  1. Hmm- that pretty weird…

    Urea (natural is best, but I’ll guess synthetic also works) gets the sting out of bites. ***I’ll usually squeeze the crap out of the area to remove as much poisonous saliva as I can.
    I’ll have to take your word about hydrating the feet though. 😉

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  2. I want some peony bushes here but have yet to find a spot for them. Yours are pretty, pretty. I know what urea is. Thinking I’ll not be buying that cream any time soon– or ever. Ick.

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  3. “Who in the world wants to rub urine on their feet.” Mahatma Gandhi–among other things he did with it!!

    Your poor hubby–he just can’t win with you!! You probably would have yelled at him if he went crashing into the door and here he put a flag on the end of the wood so he wouldn’t!!

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