*Cue the Pointer Sisters*


I’m so excited!

We had multiple contractors come over and give us estimates on our exterior barn project… (Staining, trimming, soffiting) and after I picked my jaw up off the ground and cursed the fact we didn’t have any children to sell… we chose a locally owned and operated company.

We’re on their schedule, but I don’t know when they’ll start.




I’m sorry, that was a cruel tease…. and a shameless attempt to lure aged disco fans to my blog.  Please feel free to play Neutron Dance and curse me at your leisure.

Not trusting anyone else to pick out the trim boards, the husband dragged me to a lumber yard…



Where he closely examined and rejected dozens of 16 footers in the premium grade.

* Note to lumberyard workers – if you see my husband coming? Run. *

He refused so many, I swear the kid who was helping us starting sprouting grey hair.

After the first hour he delicately suggested we upgrade to the finish grade.

Which we did.



But…. silly boy, did he really think that would make a difference?

It shouldn’t surprise you to learn we were there the entire afternoon. And just when we were ready to leave?

The husband met a fellow Marine.

Another hour later… we left.

It’s amazing how exhausting it is standing around doing nothing. So much so, after we unloaded the truck…



Does that look like $450 worth of wood to you?



We fired up the grill….



And poured the adult beverages.

Dinner that night?



Lamb chops.

Life is good!

18 thoughts on “*Cue the Pointer Sisters*”

      1. You need to find a local comedy stand up spot…and let us all know when you are going to be there!!! Your photos compliment your comments but your comments stand alone! You are a bright spot of sunshine on any kind of difficult day!!

        I tried to comment on the post you had complaining about WP again but it kept saying there was not post to like or comment on…and there is a whole new post for you!!

        Love you Rivergirl! I am telling everyone about you and how to see your posts!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Just out of curiosity, how many meals didf you and hubby get out of those ten lamb chops? If you one meal, either youse guys must have been starving, or should look sheepish for over-indulging in ewes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That does look like $450 worth of nice looking boards. It would likely have been much more at the BigBox, and you’d never find that many good ones. I would have gladly taken your place in the lumberyard.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What your Marine did is called culling, and if he HADN’T, the lumber guys would have known he was clueless and taken advantage of him. I have culled a hundred boards to get ten. It is actually the norm in a lumber store.

    Liked by 1 person

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