Oh sure, everyone wants to adopt puppies and kittens.


The World Wildlife Fund is currently running a fundraiser in which you “adopt” an animal. I think you receive a stuffed version and some other cutesy little stuff but that’s not what I’m blogging about.



So sure, everyone wants to adopt a koala. Their cuddle quotient is off the charts and they’re freakin’ adorable.

But really… who wants to adopt a bat?



And a blood sucking bat at that.

Another tough sell?



While I find devils rather sweet, prevailing wisdom says no.



Whale shark? Their mouths are four feet wide and they eat 50 lbs a day. That’s almost as much as a teenage boy.

Something tells me these guys are going to be at the orphanage for a very long time.


16 thoughts on “Oh sure, everyone wants to adopt puppies and kittens.”

  1. I adopted a bat. I raised him as if he were my own son and, just last year, he got his PhD from Cornell in Aerodynamic Engineering. I just worry that one day he’ll find out that I’m not his biological father…

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  2. I love bats, taz, and sharks.

    I had a symbolic adoption of a black leopard at Shambala Preserve (SoCal) and even got to see it IRL. I picked it because it had the same name, and psycho personality, as one of my solid black cats.


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