24 thoughts on “Why didn’t I know this?”

  1. I liked the lucid dreams, though some of them took half a morning to shake … just wish I had discovered it back in my working years. It would have spared me much grief
    … somehow I don’t think eucalyptus sheets would give me the same results. I have my doubts that sheets made from tree fibers are all that effective … I think eucalyptus was what they fed the Mummy …

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  2. I took it one time in the hospital and had the weirdest dream ever. Not giant crabs, but hospital orderlies gettin’ it on in my room. WTF?! Most people have to go to questionable websites for the privilege of seeing something like that!

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  3. I use Melatonin regularly. But I have not heard of the sheets…..
    Melatonin puts me to sleep, and I wake refreshed.
    Tylenol PM puts me to sleep and I wake up feeling hungover.

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