Going out on a limb…. Part 3.


You’re back! Even though your eyes hurt from rolling so far up in your head? I appreciate that. Try not to think of me differently, I’m still the same margarita swilling, rock obsessed, chicken loving  Mainiac (capital M thank you very much) you know and love. This is just another quirk to add to the list.

So that was strange experience number two. My reading with a psychic. It seems odd all these years later to even admit that out loud, but the simple act of rereading my blog from that time has lightened my heart again. If I took nothing else away from that weird and wonderful night it was the fact that our loved ones are never really gone.  I truly believe that now…. and it’s a great comfort.

So here’s my last episode of that spiritual adventure. The aftermath.


I think I opened the floodgates….

Added: Wednesday, January 30th 2013 at 5:29am by rivergirl

Since my experience last Saturday, I’ve told a few close friends about the psychic I saw and how she made a believer out of me… if just for one night. I was a bit fearful of their reactions… expecting eye rolls and chuckles. But I swear it was like they were all waiting for that particular door to open so they could tell their stories.

It was completely bizarre…. A totally no nonsense conservative told me of visitations from his late mother. An old girlfriend I went to school with and thought I knew everything about, admitted she’s been seeing a psychic for 15 years. A down to earth grandmother of 7 told me about her numerous feelings of deja vu. A man that works with my husband, the most rigidly analytical mind in the office, brought these books for me to read and confessed he is a devout believer.




I skimmed a few chapters of these and think this woman is a flake……but whatever. It was the thought that counts.

I guess what really struck me is most people don’t feel comfortable talking about this subject until they know you’re on board.

So… I’m putting it out there.

I told you of my mind blowing re-connection with my late father. Are any of you willing to share your other worldly experiences?


I’d love to hear your stories… if you’re willing to share. And yes, I have a few more strange things in the archives. Experiences from time spent at my mother’s bedside during her last days in hospice. Maybe I’ll post those as well….


26 thoughts on “Going out on a limb…. Part 3.”

  1. My grandma was a winter Texan. When we would call, she would always tell us, “The doors are open, and the birds are a’singin’.”

    When she became too sick to live alone, she moved in with my parents where she died at 99. My moms called us immediately. It was around 1 am.

    After saying goodbye and talking and crying, I left for my home. It was about 2 am. As soon as I opened my parents’ front door, the birds began singing as if it were dawn.

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  2. The only times I’ve felt an otherworldly presence have been in the form of a voice in my head telling me to STOP. Like my guardian angel is yelling at me from out of the blue to pay attention to what is right in front of me. To save me from harm. I’ve not experienced people from my past coming back into my consciousness.

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  3. Okay this isn’t an experience like what you had, of a loved one. Its more of, someone or something giving me a warning of sorts.

    When one of my friends was in the middle of a home purchase, I went with her to see a couple of potential properties. We had seen at least six or seven that day and I was tired, and I’m sure she was too. We got to a house that was beautiful, two story, 4 bd, 2.5 bath, the front yard was neatly kept and the back yard had new sod and flowers that the previous owner had planted

    We walked the house with her realtor, she stayed on the first floor and I had a strong feeling to walk upstairs. As I walked up the staircase, I got cold, I mean the kind of chills that one gets when there is a supernatural presence there. I stood on the staircase at the top and I clearly hear someone say “Not Here.” I didn’t know what that meant or why, but it was crystal clear to me that this house should be one that my friend should consider.

    I turned around to go back down stairs and I heard it again, “Not Here” and when I turned back around I saw someone or something from the corner of my eye move into one of the bedrooms upstairs. It was so quick, that I doubted even seeing whatever it was. I quickly turned tail and ran down stairs, I went outside because I couldn’t catch my breath. I stood by my friends car, which was parked on the street in front of the house, she walked out and asked if I was okay. I told her that I didn’t think this was the house for her, and she said she really liked it. I told her she should look at all the the other houses before she made a decision. She reluctantly agreed, her realtor walked out and he was on the phone, my friend looked up and she tapped me on the shoulder and I turned as she pointed up towards one of the windows on the second floor.

    We clearly saw a woman standing there looking down at us, as the realtor locked up the house my friend asked him if we were the only only people there and he said yes. We left and as we followed her realtor, we drove in silence. Both of us were kind of in shock, dumbstruck at what we both had witnessed.

    We went on looking for houses until well after dark. What I had heard and seen bothered me, I could not sleep. So, when I went to work the following Monday I started to research the address (which by the way is only four blocks from where I currently live) and the more I dug into it the more scared it made me.

    It turns out that the woman who owned that house was murdered in that house by her live in boyfriend. She had lived there for about 13 years, and when she was killed her boyfriend left her there for a week, until one of her sons came looking for her and found her. Reading through the story, I was getting chills all over again. I forwarded the info I found to my friend, and she was shocked and scared too. So, needless to say, she bought another property, and that house is STILL on the market today. I’ve passed by it a couple of times and believe me, I don’t scare easily but, I NEVER look up towards the second story windows, I mean EVER!

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  4. I think I blogged about Nick coming to me in the shower after he passed. And how he moved my glasses. There have been other things too….



    All I know for sure is some days I miss him beyond words and can’t deal with life. THOSE are the days I know he’s right next to me.

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    1. Wow. That shower story is positively other worldly. I had a similar experience with my late mother’s white bobby pin showing up where it had no business being… in a different state ffs…. on the very day I scattered her ashes. Weird doesn’t begin to describe it.

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  5. You never listen to me–I told you your mother is looking over your shoulder to give you a slap on the back of the head when you are going wrong and a soft kiss when you are doing the right thing!!!
    Our loved ones never leave us!!!

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  6. Late one evening on the day my mother died at home, my family was gathered in the living room, and his cousin remembered my four year old nephew who somehow got forgotten in the hubbub and confusion. She found him sitting at the dining room table snacking, and she asked him if he knew what was going on.
    His reply was: “Yes! I saw grandpa and another man come and get grandma and they left together. They had ice-cream clothes and ice-cream beards! Grandpa winked at me!”
    His grandpa died three years before, but my nephew recognized him.

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  7. One more from me: one late night I was walking down the short hall to my bedroom. I stepped around someone before processing that there was no living person there. I didn’t see the person, morelike sensing them I guess, and naturally stepped around.

    I’m also really good about sensing when people want to talk to me. I’ll call or text, starting with “WHAT???” Speaking of which, I meant to send one of those a few min ago. Gotta do that now.


  8. I’m a total cynic but when I was living at my late grandmother’s old creepy house, I witnessed on a few occasions passing shadows in the hallway, strange cold shudders out of the blue and once I woke to a figure at the end of my bed. Other relatives staying there reported seeing shadows too. It was freaking scary but my grandparents never minded.

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    1. When we moved to Maine in 1978 the house my parents bought was built in 1842 and supposed to be haunted. I waited years for that ghost to make an appearance…. it never did. Now I think I’m glad.

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  9. I’ve experienced clairaudience on numerous occasions . . . even winning the lottery once!

    On another occasion, I’ve known things that I had no reason to know ~ a type of ESP without the voices.

    Many of them are discussed on my blog. By way of example:

    Sometimes You Just Know


  10. I’ve shared numerous stories on my blog. Creepiest was the orbiting ball of light that floated down the hallway in front of my eyes. At least I actually SAW that happen, as opposed to the tissue boxes that were constantly being flung against the wall in my bathroom. There is a lot more to life (and death, I suppose) than we are aware of.

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  11. I recently stayed at an Airbnb in Rockport MA on Bearskin Neck. That area has a long and strange history. The Airbnb was a tiny house and not an antique like many buildings in the area. I woke up around 4 AM to 4 short people, 2 old woman and 2 young girls, staring at me, they were standing in an old cellar stairway (no basement in the Airbnb). I closed my eyes and counted to to 10 and opened them…they were still there staring at me. I sat up and asked them what they wanted…they closed the door to the basement and disappeared. I tried to go back to sleep but a red light kept floating around up near the ceiling to I just kept closing my eyes and reopening them and the light was still there. I think I preferred those 4 people staring at me rather than that freaky red light floating around!

    Another quick one but not creepy…I went to see a psychic around this time in 2011. She was talking about my father, my brother-in-law who had recently passed and an experience she felt my son was going to have with a famous artist which would finally have an impact on his chosen career and their relationship would last for years. After that she asked me about my granddaughter…I told her I only have grandsons and she said no, you have a granddaughter. When I got home I asked my daughter-in-law if she was pregnant and she adamantly said no! A few weeks later she fainted at work and when she called my son to go pick her up he said “well, I guess Mom was right about you being pregnant because the only other time you fainted was when you were pregnant with Danny”…they did the pregnancy test and a month later the ultra-sound was done and it was confirmed she was having a girl…who is 8 1/2 yrs old now. Also…the famous person my son was going to meet who would have an impact on his chosen career….Sully Erna from Godsmack…for those old enough/young enough (depends on how you look at the whole thing). My son has worked on numerous projects for Godsmack including a documentary and currently a possible TV show. A relationship that started shortly after I saw the psychic.

    I am a believer.

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    1. Wow. I have to disagree with you about the red light, I’d much rather see that than 4 dead people staring at me. The light could be more easily explained. Awesome about the predictions though. Mine didn’t do that.


  12. I remember when I was about 18 or so I was staying with my brother in the granny flat out the back of a family friend’s house. Everyone had gone to the main house for dinner and I was tinkering on my brother’s keyboard. At some point I felt a cool breeze pass across me, and thought it was strange. I looked around me and the windows and doors were all closed, there was no place for a breeze to come from.

    Then I felt someone run their hand across the bottom of my long hair.

    I freaked out and ran up to the house, where they were all seated at the table. I was obviously panicked, and the head of the house laughed loudly at me and said “Oh, so you’ve met Bob.”

    Bob was apparently the home’s former owner, and his wife had ripped him off and run away. He then proceeded to hang himself somewhere in the vicinity of the granny flat.

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