Let’s play!


Yes, again. Stop complaining.



I’m currently binge watching Showtime’s original series Billions.



It basically has two main characters…. the ruthless billionaire hedge fund king and the twisted US Attorney who wants to take him down. Both of them are a combination of good and bad, but I’m afraid if it comes to a choice between being a billionaire and a government employee?

River will take door number one and enjoy luxury homes, private jets, a kick ass yacht and the Lamborghini every time.


35 thoughts on “Let’s play!”

  1. The last movie/TV show I watched was too long ago to remember (like yesterday). No, I don’t have a hangover — I’m just old (but I did remember to check out your blog, which should count for something).

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      1. Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear and The Grand Tour. He bought a farm several years ago and had someone farm it for him, but that guy retired so Clarkson is trying to learn how to farm it himself. It’s hilarious.


  2. The last show I watched was actually a Star Trek, so I’d be captain of a ship! Or more Miley a Yoman or baddie of the week. But the last new show I watched was Doctor Who. I don’t want to be the doctor, but I want to be that smart. I also don’t want to be in love with the doctor (unless it’s 10). So I’d be Doctor Marla (reference “Journey’s End).

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      1. Oooo interesting rules. Well both are ensemble casts. So in Star Trek I’d pick Data (he’s a main character and he’s bound by the rules of the Federation, but can logically figure out how to bend them. And he’s not bound by asimov’s rules of robotics, he has free will. And I would love to WITH Picard, not *be* Picard. And I could settle for being the doctor. I didn’t want to be the one to schlep people all around, but I do want a TARDIS and a sonic. So Data or the Doctor 😂

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