Let’s play… a two-fer.


No, I haven’t run out of these yet.



Hmm… Black Haddock has possibilities.



And it’s better than yesterday’s… Blue HoHo.



That’s easy….



I know it’s a staple of childhood sandwiches and a good source of protein as an adult, but I completely despise the stuff. The mere smell of it makes me nauseated. I don’t care if you cover it in chocolate… I’m not eating it.


Uh uh.


And if my husband comes at me with that nasty nut breath? I’m not kissing him either.


19 thoughts on “Let’s play… a two-fer.”

  1. Apparently the name of my band is “White Neil Young”, which I would imagine means we won’t be selling many records. Now, as I’m sure you might be a tad curious as to why I was eating Neil Young today, I should explain that it’s the name of an option at one of our fave burger joints, “Rodeo Goat”. All of the burgers have intriguing names and feature ingredient combinations that one normally wouldn’t envision, but everything I’ve tried is very good.

    Now that I think about it, though, I was also drinking Ranch Waters (Topo Chico, lime juice, tequila) so I guess I could also go with “White Ranch Water” for my band name. I like that a little better…

    Thing I can’t stand that most love: Chicken wings with the bone in, though I love boneless wings. I just can’t handle the “gnawing on the bone” angle. It completely ooks me out, especially if you hit some gristle. Blech…

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