I should have known.


I hope everyone is having a better Thanksgiving holiday than me.

Because I’m probably going to be spending it in bed. ( and not in a good way )

No turkey. No stuffing.

Just severely swollen and f***ing painful lymph nodes due to my Covid booster shot yesterday.



Yes, I’m one of the lucky 11% of people who have this awful reaction and it’s my own fault. I had it after my second dose and should have known it would happen again.

Along with the tender and oh so painful grapefruit in my armpit, there’s a splitting headache and all over joint pain.

Knees, ankles, shoulders. If it moves? It hurts.

Piss poor planning on my part. Who in their right mind gets a shot they know will land them in bed the day before Thanksgiving?

Me. Because they had a cancellation and if I didn’t take that appointment the next one available was December 12th.

So please, have an extra drumstick and slice of pie for me.

My turkey will have to wait.



52 thoughts on “I should have known.”

  1. Well if you can type this missive you possibly might be fit enough for three finger curls. I hope you feel better soon. Turkey day in what ever form it may take can happen when you feel better. And please talk to your doctor before your next booster.

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  2. I am one of unlucky ones that also has a bad reaction…er…strong immune response (that’s more positive!) to the shots, too. Hope you feel better soon, Rivergirl!


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    1. If you haven’t gotten yours (1st? 2nd? Booster?) you are not part of the solution. I would rather have problems 3 or 4 years from now than be dead today. 3 or 4 years from now I might be dead anyway, but probably not from Covid or the vaccines. With all the people refusing vaccines it is no longer a matter of “if” you get it, but “when” you get it. I’ll take all the help I can get.

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      1. Baaaaa. Baaaaa. I already had it, survived it (easily, I might add), and now have a natural immunity to it, so please, go back to grazing and wait until they tell you what to do next.


      2. I have no idea of the numbers in the world, but right here in Alberta 1000s have had Covid twice, maybe more. Natural immunity does not seem to be a thing, no matter what our conservative/republican governments would have us believe. OMICRON (another variant) is on its way from South Africa. It is only one of many around the world.

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      3. Natural immunity IS a thing. I have two older cousins that are immune to mumps, measles, whooping cough, chicken pox…because they had them. By the time I came along, MMR was created and I got stuck with that…three times as a baby (back when they made real vaccines from dead viruses and not graphine oxide, parasites and whatever is making human beings show up as mac addresses via bluetooth on cell phones…plus the multiple reports of magnetism).


        You want some real stats…Dr. Robert Malone & Dr. Michael Yeadon (formerly with Pfizer) are on Telegram with plenty of truth about this plandemic. Malone, in particular, helped create the mRNA technology. He is downright horrified at what is going on.


      4. Do you understand what your thymus gland is for? Do you know what B-cell memory is? B-cells can recognize variants, no matter how many show up. Most variants are 0.1% to 3% off from the original virus. The body/B-cells recognize the similarities. It sounds like folks are either getting Covid, then a flu bug or, they have terrible diets & co-morbidities which weaken an immune system. If you eat garbage, you will pay for it, one way or another. That also doesn’t discount being born with issues.

        India had low instances of Covid infections. Want to know why? They routinely take ivermectin. It’s cheap and readily available there. They think the west is nuts for banning it (and HCQ) for treatment. I know. I have several friends in India.


      5. I’ve had it, too. I’m in my middle 50s and did just fine. You don’t interfere with the fever (which was pretty high), you sleep a lot (no appetite, aches and a headache), take in fluids and let it run its course. I got it early on and 20 months, later, no re-occurrence. I hacked for about two weeks and it was gone. I have no intention of getting stuck with a bioweapon that will, most likely, screw up my very capable immune system. And, I live in the same county where the gain-of-function crap was taking place before it was transferred to Wuhan (not a conspiracy theory…well known, here).


  3. So sorry! I feel (or, more precisely, felt) you pain. My booster knocked me sideways for 24 hrs a couple weeks ago, which was a surprise because the two injections last spring did nothing more than make my arm ache for a few hours. I had hoped to get a singles booster on the same day as the Covid booster, but now, I’m grateful they couldn’t do it as I’ve heard the shingles booster can be a “pain” as well. Hope you’re better by now!

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    1. Yes, it’s one intense day/night of pain then a week or so of swelling. My husband had no reaction to any of it and had his flu shot the same day as the booster. He did get shingles two weeks after the shingles shot though, and that was awful!


  4. I’m sorry you had a bad reaction! I’m considering adding the shingles vax to mine. I had no reaction to covid shots (but claimed I did for time off) but know the shingles vax can be wicked… and 2 shots.

    I hope you’re already feel8ng better and enjoyed a nice fay on bed.

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    1. Feeling better today, thanks.
      My husband had the shingles shot 9 years ago. 2 weeks later he got shingles, and gave 48 year old me chicken pox. I still haven’t forgiven him for that!


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