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I should have known.


I hope everyone is having a better Thanksgiving holiday than me.

Because I’m probably going to be spending it in bed. ( and not in a good way )

No turkey. No stuffing.

Just severely swollen and f***ing painful lymph nodes due to my Covid booster shot yesterday.



Yes, I’m one of the lucky 11% of people who have this awful reaction and it’s my own fault. I had it after my second dose and should have known it would happen again.

Along with the tender and oh so painful grapefruit in my armpit, there’s a splitting headache and all over joint pain.

Knees, ankles, shoulders. If it moves? It hurts.

Piss poor planning on my part. Who in their right mind gets a shot they know will land them in bed the day before Thanksgiving?

Me. Because they had a cancellation and if I didn’t take that appointment the next one available was December 12th.

So please, have an extra drumstick and slice of pie for me.

My turkey will have to wait.