30 thoughts on “Jabba Jr. checking in.”

  1. My mind had already wandered into how she probably said something about how easy it would be to just back the car up a little.

    Her comment is (obviously) better.

    But you must admit that Squirrel Splatter would be a great name for a band.


  2. We suddenly have a red squirrel living near our birdfeeder. He has been here every day since our first snowfall about a month ago. The funny thing is, in 14 years of living here we have never seen a a squirrel, not even BEFORE the big wildfire of 2019. Where did he or she come from, and why our birdfeeder? But he is still quite svelte. Comparatively speaking, and giving for 12 or so degrees of latitude, your winter will probably be worse than ours. And our snow is already more than a foot deep!

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