11 thoughts on “Pandemic humor”

  1. I found a way to chuckle about the last one. Not in a joyous, happy, this is truly funny sort of way. In that sad, melancholy, “but of course! Why not be another way to make this miserable for everyone?” Outside of gallows thinking, and the natural inclination to laugh at the most horrible of horribles for me, no…. there is nothing funny about any of this.


    1. Here’s my take on Covid – I’ve done everything I can personally do. I am fully vaccinated and boosted. I wear a mask in public. I have given up large gatherings, small parties and traveling. I have been scared and stressed. Upset and tearful. Angry and depressed. The only thing left for me is laughter. If I don’t try to find the humor? I may just give up…. and I refuse to let it beat me.


  2. I don’t know what happened, but I was getting caught up in my reader and I realized I hadn’t seen any from you in a while. At first I thought maybe you’d caught COVID and were on a sick break, but sure enough, WordPress somehow kicked me off. Stupid WordPress.

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