33 thoughts on “To whom it may concern…”

  1. I heard Moscow Mitch and the Donald were closest of bedbug dies until the Orange Turd visited with Vlad in Russia. Upon his return the Donald said Mitch should find himself a new boy toy, because Trump was in love, and nobody could screw him like Putin.
    Oh, did I get something wrong. Conspiracy theories are made by Republicans, about Democrat Pizza Shops! Not the other way around. Oh, my sincerest apologies. And I’m not supposed to put any truths in them? Where’s the fun in that?
    Okay, I’ll try it your way. It was BoJo who ghosted Angela because he hated the Berliners she served him for breakfast. Damn, Conservatives are not the butt of Labour jokes.
    How about Trudeau is a closet cat lover? Now I’m talking! Boom Yah!

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    1. Spelchek struck again. “Bedbug dies” started out as “bedbuddies” only to change the ConTher to be about a bunch of dead insects. Oh, if only that were true. But it will be. Someday all three of those insects will be dead, and those left behind can go back to eating Pizza.

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  2. River…Amen sister!! These crazies are taking over!! And sadly I think my younger son came out and declared he was one…of course, he’s not wrong…we all are sheepol who are falling for what the government is feeding us

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      1. Me too! We have agreed to keep all conversations as neutral as possible…he lives with me though in a separate loft space. We generally see each other twice a day. Scary that he is out there though proclaiming nonsense to the world!

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      2. You too! It’s a tough road to travel these days between staying true to yourself while keeping family and friends close. 💕

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  3. Humans are pikers at conspiracy theories. It seems we were created on the theory that we’re all going to die, and so far that theory is proving true. But I plan on living forever and having (literally) the last laugh.

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