Bombarded by poo.


In the continuing saga of my immersion into the myriad world of excrement, my television has now jumped on board.

Geesh… you review one book, write a few posts about the digestive tract and suddenly your world is filled with doo doo.

Poo on my FB reader.

Poo on my news feed.




My DVR recorded the latest episode of Nova and of course, it’s all about poo.

Thankfully there was a segment of the program devoted to my beloved wombat and his delightfully cubed shaped dung so it wasn’t a total loss.



I mean really, what’s cuter than that?

But cuddly wombat aside, it does make me wonder where the next batch of excrement will pop up in my life.



I certainly hope not. But at this point it wouldn’t surprise me..


10 thoughts on “Bombarded by poo.”

  1. “POOP IN MY SOUP” reminds me of the old joke WAITER, THERE’S A FLY IN MY SOUP….to which one of several rejoinders was “Not to worry — one little fly can’t eat much of your soup.” When you think about it, that is certainly a point in favor of poop, which couldn’t eat any of your soup at all.

    Anyway (speaking of “reminds me”), the appearance of Grover in my ;last post led me to favor you with a relevant encore here:

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