21 thoughts on “For your listening pleasure…”

  1. That was all kinds of great. I’ve always been more of a Pink Floyd/ Rush kind of guy but Led Zeppelin has my everlasting respect. They did Stairway to Heaven and, if that was the only good thing they ever did, that would still be enough to make them immortal.
    Thanks for posting this.

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  2. This is SPECTACULAR! I’m a Who fan myself, Rush as well but this is undeniably one of the best performances I’ve ever seen/heard! Wow, just wow! 😍. The message in clear, climate change isn’t real my ass, fucking stupid idiots who don’t believe it, it can be seen everyday….ugh, stupid people 🤬.

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  3. That was pleasurable and profound.
    Many, many years ago when I admitted I didn’t know much about music a friend gave me a mixtape of some Pink Floyd, some Rolling Stones, some The Who, and especially Led Zeppelin. It was a great education but I love how an updated version like this can make me feel like I’m hearing an old song for the first time.

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  4. Led Zep is incomparable and this is very good representation of the global impact of this capitalist accumulation practice and urban centralisation. Very appropriate for what’s happening here on the east coast of Australia too. Brisbane’s situated on a flood plain and they keep building the dumb fucks. I’m studying an environment-related subject and levees are not a good thing as when they break it’s worse. Nature is smarter than humans. All the animals impacted by a certain portion of humanity’s dumbfuckery. Thanks for sharing. Here’s my contribution – a live version of Aurora’s “Seed” from my favourite radio station – goosebump material. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpMireGgxJ0

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