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Random winter clutter


In Maine, in the winter…. the shrubbery arms itself.



Come at me with that hedge trimmer now bitch. I dare you.



Cow on a plow. Take that you flakey little green troll.



Lord Dudley Mountcatten enjoys the morning sun shining through my filthy windows and likes to relax on the back of the sofa.

He’s so relaxed that sometimes he falls sound asleep and lands on the sill.



And tries to pretend is was on purpose.



Nice try Dudley, but I know better. I heard the plop.

Next up, Maine wisdom from The Flatlanda in Fairfield.



And speaking of winter, we’ve had a decided lack of snow this season. Mere inches that melts shortly after it falls. In previous years March looked like this:



That’s my husband walking the road in front of our house.

This year, we have green soggy grass. No climate change my *ss.


Magazine musings…


Since I’m still trying to plow through my massive stack of magazines, I have to share.



Do we really need shoes that breathe? I don’t… but maybe that’s just me.



I’m all for alternative leather products… eucalyptus? Cool. But if they come up with kale filled seats? I’m boycotting on sheer principle.



According to this map temperatures are rising almost everywhere but it looks like me and my hot flashes are in the right place. Hang in there Maine! River melts into a puddle in anything above 75 degrees.



If you’ve never had canned brown bread you haven’t lived a full life. This is a Maine staple, made in Portland, Maine… so why this article calls it Boston brown is a mystery. Moist and filled with molasses?

Try it. Your mouth will thank me.



Dexter is coming back!

I don’t have Showtime anymore but might have to resubscribe in order to revisit my favorite serial killer.



Ghost pepper strawberry frosting?


Just no.


Historic Jamestown Museum.


Through with our outdoor touring of the site….




We found the museum.




An odd looking building we were assured was totally green.

Although it looked pretty brown to me.



climate change


Although I called it a museum?

They call it an Archaearium.




Technically that means an archeological excavation covered by a glass building.

Which it was.




Because the remains of the first government building was literally under your feet.




The exhibits were well done and history rich.




And it shouldn’t surprise you that we spent a good couple of hours here.




They’ve apparently taken a good deal of flack over the display of actual remains.




But to be honest, it was fascinating.




Granted if JR was my 10th great grandfather I might feel differently….




I mean, it doesn’t look like he died peacefully.




But then again, this poor fellow had to be in dire need of some Excedrin as well.




Early surgical instruments?




Or the Marquis De Sade’s toy chest?

Tough call.




I’m guessing this poor soul didn’t get any Novocain either.



Of course back in the day…. this pointy little piece of metal?








Not your average Q Tip.




And if you remember my post from yesterday about the hardships the settlers endured?




This 14 year old girl was eaten.




It doesn’t get much harder than that.