25 thoughts on “Ouch!”

  1. I guess the women of the Arkansas Public Employees Retirement Home had a good laugh. It certainly was not Mr. Huddleson who framed that letter. Too bad they didn’t frame the picture with it. Or maybe they did, and it’s still hanging on the wall.

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      1. I meant the wall in the retirement home, but no problem. A picture like that I have no need to see. I had a “friend” in my youth (friend of a friend who showed up at all of our parties) who everytime he had a few drinks would pull out his penis, lay it on a table, demand that people look tosee how “big” it was, and dare any guy to show him a bigger one. No one wanted to embarass him. So he went on thinking he had something to crow about. Him and Mr. Huddleson both had egos in direct contrast to the size of their erections. I think Vladimir Putin has the same problem.

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