Let’s play.


Because it appears I’m never going to run out of these.



Here are mine:


People say literally when they mean figuratively and it drives me nuts. “ It’s so hot I am literally on fire.” Unless I see flames shooting out of a body cavity? You meant figuratively.


I could care less.

Could you? Then that means you cared in the first place. The proper phrasing is ‘I couldn’t care less’, please use it.


Must not have been very important.

This one dates back to my childhood. Whenever I would forget something I wanted to tell my mother she would smugly utter those words and I always wanted to scream, “Now I remember! The kitchen is on fire.”



So how about you? What words or phrases drive you nuts….


51 thoughts on “Let’s play.”

  1. “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.” Actually, “what you don’t know” doesn’t hurt Trumpists and MAGA types, so that phrase isn’t as absurd as it seems.

    And then there’s “The customer is always right.” That may have been true in the old days, but nowadays? Right.

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      1. Try going to Walmart. If you can even find a worker they are so busy texting or talking to their fellow associates, just hoping you will go away. For them, customer is not always right, the customer should be shopping at a different store!


      1. Absolutely. My previous comment was in reference to those who don’t know what they don’t know, but it doesn’t seem to hurt them (or bother them that their ignorance hurts others).

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  2. This one came from Impostor where is use to work….”She’s totally abliss to the situation.” Wha she meant was “TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS!” You know like she was when it came to speaking in English……ugh 🙄

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  3. Fortunately for you, I cannot remember anything verbal right now. I cringe a lot when I hear some people talking, but right now I cannot think of why.
    But what does bother me is girls and women with balls in their hair, the smaller version of buns. To me they look so stupid, like they are trying to appear taller than they are. I don’t know. I am an old man, but I just cannot see the attraction of having balls in the hair.

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      1. You aren’t young, or trying to be stylish, lol. And maybe it is already passe in the States, but in Western Canada it is all the rage. Girls walking around with Mickey Mouse ears on top of their heads.

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  4. There is a different vocabulary in the office I am working with that we did not use in the NHS practice I used to work at. My boss keeps on telling me I am “smashing” it. I think that is a compliment. We don’t seem to send emails or communicate to clients, instead we “reach out” to them.

    All slightly odd sounding…but I can’t tell them they sound weird.

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  5. People saying, “Can you borrow me that pencil.” It’s LEND, you idiot!

    And people saying “less” when it should be “fewer,” especially when it’s said by teachers because the more kids hear it the wrong way, the more the wrong way is going to sound right to their ears.

    And purposeful misspellings, such as Kwik Trip.

    And the demise of the -ly adverb.

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    1. I’ve never heard anyone ask to borrow me a pencil. That’s bizarre. But do not get me started on adverbs! They have completely disappeared from the English language and it drives me insane. I constantly yell “ly” at the television… which drives my husband crazy.

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  6. Supposably.
    Conversate (it’s CONVERSE, ya idiots!)
    ForewardS, backwardS, all the wardS with unnecessarry S.
    I also despise “I could care less”.

    Conversely, today I quite enjoyed my IT boss repeatedly talking about the software “puking”.

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