18 thoughts on “I love my town.”

  1. Nice how you left a ledge for the racoon to elevate himself. We wound up hanging ours from a tree limb and using the squirrel-be-gone on top so that they just slide off. If you want to stop this from happening, add red pepper to your bird seed. It has no effect on the birds at all, but it lights up the squirrels/racoons like the 4th of July. They will leave it alone after that.

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      1. Our raccoons come at night so I bring in the suet and peanut nuggets after dark. They don’t just eat those, they drag the feeders to the woods never to be seen again.

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  2. “Bring your Goat to Work Day” doesn’t work if you don’t have a goat. On the other hand — make that, other FACE — if you grow a GOATEE, you can bring it to work every day. Colonel Sanders did, and look where it got him. OK, so he died — we all gotta goatee sooner or later.

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