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I love my town.


And I love their Facebook group page.



A moo disorder?

More likely the poster has a Budweiser disorder.




I’m not sure what Doug did to rate a shout out, but I’ll go with it.



Damn. All I have under my bed is dust bunnies… where’s the fun in that?

Here’s a random photo of ducks that were for sale at our local hardware store. I’m always tempted to bring home a few when the husband sends me up there for screws.




Now there’s a platform no one can argue with.



You do, you really do.

Does anyone know where I can score one of those beauties?


I still love my town, but…



Remember Mr. H?



The charismatic donkey that was built as a parade float but had recently been traveling around our town?

The one a local artist spent two years designing and building?



Mr. H was well loved in our small rural community and people looked forward to seeing him cruising from place to place. Homeowners could request a Mr. H visit and he would happily park on your lawn for photo ops and climb aboards.

And then?




An event that’s shocked our close knit little town.



The following is a statement from our town’s state representative –




The artist donated this cat sculpture to our local elementary school and he happily greets children every morning as they start their day.



I wish I’d known about the little memorial gathering. I would have attended and mourned his loss.



As well as the loss of civility and common decency we’re currently experiencing in this country.



Rest In Peace Mr. H.

I’m hoping everything you and the flag you stood for isn’t dead as well.



I love my town.


And I love what people post on its Facebook page.



Oh no.

If you see it?  Please tell it we serve a daily and nightly buffet free of charge.



I’m not exactly sure what constitutes ‘groovy’ lamb.

But I’m pretty sure this isn’t it.





Jumping orangey peach colored fish?

Thanks 2020. Like this year wasn’t weird enough.



I have to admit I’d never even heard of letterboxing before.

Sounds like a perfect Covid era activity though.



Normally I’d say friend.

But it’s 2020, for all we know that thing is radioactive.



A giant vacuum cleaner?

Well, yeah.  They want us to social distance…  so just stick the hose end into your local pub and switch her on.

I love my town!


Where else can you go shopping and be greeted by a chicken?



Although what this poor devil did to be locked up in a rubber prison I don’t know.



Where else can you go to find a library that sets up a walking story time for kids?



Where else can you get alerts about runaway goats?



And offers of free hay?



The same place that airs their poopy grievances on Facebook, that’s where.



I love my town!!

It’s almost unbearable.


My little town’s FB page has been lighting up with some interesting sightings lately.

One woman kept posting but no one believed her.




I’d say that’s pretty definitive proof.

To be honest I’m surprised we’ve never had this issue. We’ve seen evidence of Yogi in our backyard and woods. (and even on the deck one winter. Yikes!)  But he’s never raided our feeders, for which I’m grateful.

They’re lovely creatures, but quite destructive.

The sightings continue…. which prompted this latest post.




I’m down with that.

Hi Waldo!

I love my town…. Part 6.


Time for an update on the stories making the news on my town’s Facebook page.

Traffic jams are awful, no two ways about it…..

But in my town?



Untitled (2)


They’re not always bumper to bumper.




And then there was this:




No, damn it! I did not.

We’ve lived here over 17 years and the only moose I’ve seen was a dead one on I-95.

Trotting right down Main Street?




Another missed opportunity.

And finally, there was this:




My first thought was the zombie fish apocalypse had begun… and I started to get a little nervous.

But it turns out a bald eagle was fishing the river, dropped his sturgeon while flying and decided to munch on it in situ.



Because the thought of zombie fish taking over my blog?

Not cool.


I love my town… Part 5.


It’s time to take a look at the riveting happenings posted on my town’s FB page again.





There are the usual missing critter reports.






Though pigs have taken a back seat to birds this week.






Snakes are actively being sought.





As are nuts.








*Note to male readers – I do not support the crushing of nuts between your legs. No letters, please.*

Artful pumpkins are being carved…





And grapes are plentiful.










Syrup is available.




As are extremely round sheep.








Then there’s the woman who wants everyone to watch a program about garbage.








You’re doing it wrong.



I love my town… chapter 4.


My town’s FB page keeps me up to date on all the important local happenings…





And some of the not so important ones as well.



There were a lot of takers for this next one…




I’m just hoping this wasn’t their mode of transportation.




Another lost pig made the news…




And he seemed pretty happy to stay that way.




Then there was a woman wondering if anyone was interested in a group she was getting together.




Singing bowls?

Clearly she attended one of those crazy adult education classes I’m always riffing about.




And finally there was this one, posted on the day Maine made cell phone usage while driving illegal.

Technically it’s not about my town, but funny all the same.




Goat horn foreheads should never be overlooked.


goat horn


Thank you Google Images for providing my nightmare material for the foreseeable future.




I love my town… Part 3.






For once, our small town’s Facebook page rose above the petty gossip and backstabbing and actually came in handy. Last night, along with the usual lost pig notices… there was a report of a dump truck flipping over, taking out a power line and closing the main road. This was helpful since my husband’s car had overheated and left him stranded on I-295. Knowing about the closure in advance saved me taking the out of the way detour.

Of course the page also had some other gems.




Rent a goat! There’s a start up sure to make a fortune.

Heck, they love to eat…



Are easy to transport….



And give great back massages.



How could you lose?

Then there was this:




Someone wants to cook pie for me?

That can’t be bad.




And finally, there was this heartfelt thank you note…




Moral of that story?

If you live in the country, always carry carrots and apples.




Okay, well….

There’s no correct amount of produce for that.


I love my town… Part 2


More blurbs from my town’s FB page that are too good not to share.

Lots of things were lost this month….




Along with Batman, there was the weekly pig escape.




Before moving here, I never knew errant pigs were such a problem.

And apparently sheep are as well.




Big white coffee tables.

Ya gotta love it.

This next one was amusing as well.




I’m not sure a bat circling your couch is a valid reason to call 911…. but I never saw the update, so maybe I’m wrong.

And finally, there was this….





Glad I wasn’t in town that day….

Thankfully our air was fish stink free.