22 thoughts on “My pride and joy.”

      1. It’s a crabapple and in all the years we’ve been here…. 20 come September… it’s never had one piece of fruit.


      2. Have you ever talked to an arborist? Thinking it was an apple tree (your fault, not mine, lol) I googled why apple trees would not bear fruit. You seem to have all the necessary ingredients, tree, flowers, bees! Maybe the tree is missing an important nutriennt, or gene. No natter, it sure looks pretty.

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      3. We had an arborist here last year working on our other apple trees but I never thought to ask. To be honest, I’m glad this one doesn’t give fruit. Less mess in the fall, I’m fine with it just being pretty.


  1. Sometimes I wish I had a property as big as yours just to have enough space to try and plant as many trees. I love how beautiful your tree looks and I’m sure it’s smells just as heavenly. I’m proud to say my little pear tree is just as full of flowers and has many baby pears hanging off it right now. I have tried so hard to bring it back to life since I bought the house and found it on the brink of being firewood. But it’s grown since last year and is green again as well as flowering and bearing fruit!

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    1. That’s wonderful! I celebrate gardening success because I know how hard it can be. We have a fruiting pear tree but they’re absolutely inedible. Even the arborist didn’t know why.

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