In case you haven’t seen the movie….


I admit it, the original Top Gun has always been a guilty pleasure of mine.

The beach volleyball scene? Come on…. it’s a veritable beefcake cinematic masterpiece.

So when the sequel was released? I was on it like white on rice.

Yes, Tom Cruise is an ass in real life… but as cocksure Pete Mitchell he rocks.

The action sequences were stunning, the emotional scenes with a very ill and physically changed Val Kilmer? Tender and emotionally fraught.

But it’s the Lady Gaga theme song that’s been sticking in my head.

Love her or hate her, ya gotta admit it she brings it.

( And if you hate her? Please unfriend me, I can’t take that kind of negativity. 😉)



22 thoughts on “In case you haven’t seen the movie….”

  1. I have no feelings about Lady Gaga one way or the other, but I find this song completely uninspiring. I have never seen either movie, and have no desire to. I will happily go to my crematorium in this condition.

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  2. Don’t know either movie well, and not a Gaga fan and didn’t think too much of the above, but I loved the movie A Star is Born and thought Bradley Cooper was wonderful in it – really made me respect his acting. The soundtrack was good but doubt I’d go out and buy anything of hers. Favourites being the very short wedding scene song and the last song

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    1. I loved that movie! Cooper was excellent as was the soundtrack. The story about the last song is so sad. During filming, Gaga’s best friend was in the hospital dying of cancer. They called her when the end was near and she was holding her hand when she died. She returned to the studio and did one take of that song. The emotion was real.

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      1. Well, joining the navy long term was helpful-short term, very very challenging at times. In the end, I am glad I went but acknowledge not the right choice for everyone but it got me moving. Sometimes that is what you need and not the easy solution.

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  3. It took a while for Lady Gaga to grow on me. After the Star Spangled Banner and Million Reasons, I was hooked. I loved the movie, the flying scenes were incredible. I’ll get on board with Tom Cruise being kinda weird, but you can walk into any Southern Baptist church and find a giant throbbing jackass. Other than a high profile and a lot of money, I don’t see anything that sets him apart.

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      1. Gotcha. Buying into Scientology makes you a fool. Coming to my home to tell me and my wife we’re going to Hell if we don’t get our asses to their church makes someone an ass. I’ve met some of those people and they make Hell seem like a friendly, welcoming place.

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  4. Loved the movie! Love Lady Gaga! There is a meme going around that says Top Gun is the #1 Movie, Kate Bush’s “Running up that hill” is the #1 song, and we are in a proxy war with Russia. Fuck it, let’s give 1986 another go!

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