Good winter morning!


There are a lot of reasons we love living in this house.

It’s in the fabulous state of Maine.

It’s in a small town in the country.

It’s surrounded by good neighbors, as well as horses, goats and chickens.

It has enough elbow room so we don’t have to see those neighbors unless we want to.

It has a steady parade of visiting wildlife.

But best of all?

We have perfect sunrises out the back windows and perfect sunsets out the front.

And when you wake up to this?



It’s hard to find fault with your world.



Good morning!





29 thoughts on “Good winter morning!”

    1. Amazing. I cannot even type a one word comment without a typo!
      But while I have your attention, I was talking about Snow Angels the other day after your post about winter finally arriving. I bitched about the free Snow Angels program being turned into a paid service last year. The very next day the Town of High Level advertised that they were changing their rules for the Snow Angels program. Fees would become dependent on total family income. Our total family income fit nicely into the “NO FEE” range. We applied, and yesterday we found out we were accepted. The “free” Snow Angels service will be starting Monday morning.
      The way I see it, you were my Snow Angel. You got the ball rolling by writing your post. The timing was too close to be coincidence. So we thank you.
      Thank you!

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