He must have had a lot more snow than we did.


My husband’s brother posted a few photos on Facebook after our last big snow storm.. and though he lives in a old farmhouse north of us and has a lot more property than we do? I was surprised at just how run down he looked after finishing his snow blowing.






There’s one in every family.



20 thoughts on “He must have had a lot more snow than we did.”

  1. Where does this brother fall on the “Marie Kondo Scale” ~ is he a minimalist or a maximalist? A keeper of everything or a tosser of all?

    I only ask cause I see lots of barn behind him . . . which your husband would put to good use. 😀

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  2. It looks like he got to close, it sucked him in, stripped off everything organic, and this is the end result. We call it the “Grim Reaper Snow Blow” Diet plan, and damn if it does not shave 175 pounds of unwanted fat!

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      1. We’re all just people. If I had my way there would be no borders, no nations. Someday there won’t be. Humans must go global. But that day is not today.


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