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One pregnancy too many.


I fear for our old, always pregnant, doe.

She had a very late fawn this year and I think it’s taken it’s toll.




We’ve watch her age and slow down over the past few years, but now?




The poor girl is skeletal.




She comes every night for grain and apples, and is now showing up during the day for lunch…. which yes, I provide. She literally just stands there, looking in the window and waiting to be served. How can I not?




But I think this last Bambi was just too much for her, and I doubt she’ll survive the winter.




Hopefully blue eyes will continue us to visit after she’s gone.

Life goes on….


Random wildlife shots.


Because it’s time to clear out the photo files again.




Momma chuck has been packing on the pounds with an eye toward winter..




But it doesn’t stop her from scrambling up and over the rock wall quicker than I can move my shutter finger.




I have a feeling at least one of her two remaining offspring will be sticking around when the snow flies.




I keep catching him rooting around under the daylilies, filling his mouth with dead leaves and making off for parts unknown with nesting material.




Last year’s fawn comes every night, and since his new antlers are decidedly unbranched, I’ve taken to calling him the antenna buck. Because I’m old… and remember when you had to wiggle those things every afternoon to watch Dark Shadows.




Though these next two pics were at the outermost limit of my zoom, I’m including them because we rarely see momma turkey and her young.




She raises them in the woods and neighboring meadows, never crossing our large expanse of open lawn.




And finally, a few Bambi shots.




Because they’re so damned sweet, I can’t help it.



Because free is never really free.


Remember the free pool table my husband came home with a while back?




Well… it turns out the damn thing is going to cost us a fortune.


Because now that he has a pool table, he wants to build a bar. And while I’ve never been a woman to argue with bars, if he builds the bar he wants to heat and cool the space… which means he had a guy  (the son of the  soon to be ex  friends who gifted us the pool table, which can’t be a coincidence)  come over and give us an estimate for a heat pump unit.

Ka-ching!  That free pool table is going to cost us $4,000.

But that’s not all.

If he heats and cools the space it has to be air tight. And while he did put insulation under the floor and behind his pretty walls….

It’s a barn! It’s nowhere near air tight.




Construction of a frame to seal air leaks in the big doors began.



Foam boards were purchased and cut.  (with – it’s a miracle! –  a 21rst century tool)



But my idea of an easily removable frame was thrown out like baby’s dirty bath water.



And to my horror….



This monstrosity emerged.



A screwed in framework with double sided attached foam boards.



And plywood covering.



This sucker isn’t going anywhere.



When I lamented the decided un-movability of this air leak blocking structure, he told me it would only take a few minutes to undo if we needed to open the doors.

Considering it took him a day and half to put together, I highly doubt the veracity of this statement.

And if you think the sound of the cash register ringing is finished?

Au contraire mes amis, it’s just begun.

The heat pump contractor told him in order for all the heat to stay downstairs, the ceiling would have to be insulated as well.

This is the ceiling.



It’s a lot of ceiling.



And this stuff is $55 a bag.




KA- fuckin’-CHING!

And I haven’t even talked about how he’s going to have to block off the opening to the second floor yet.


It’s a relative term.

Have you ever watched a deer go apple picking?


Well now you can.



We had a lot of visitors this past winter.




These are pictures from back in January because I’m still playing catch up from the vacation posts.




Our buck kept his rack a lot longer than usual.




But it didn’t stop him from apple picking.




Or sticking his tongue out at the photographer.




Cheeky little bugger.




Father and son…




Or daughter, it’s hard to tell at this stage.

Winter blues….


No, not the depression.




Sorry, not the brothers either.

I’m talking about the colors.

Living in Maine, most of our winters are white. But there’s also a lot of beautiful blue…




And when a storm is moving in?




It’s really quite lovely.




These were all taken through my dirty winter windows last month, so be kind.




But spots and all..




You have to admit winter blues are pretty.




Even the ones that turn out kind of weird.





A little catch up… the baby barn, a sunrise and some deer.


Now that the Virginia vacation saga is finally over, it’s time to clear out the photo files.

If you remember… before we left for the Cape Cod vacation in November, the husband was desperately trying to finish the remodel on our baby barn from Hell before the snow started flying.




He started putting the siding on….




Which was a nightmare of non squared corners and uneven ground.




Yeah, there was a lot of that.

His answer? Plant a shrub in front of it.




He was still using his 1950’s power tools and probably wishing for a larger wheelbarrow.




Siding around the window resulted in some very colorful language.




As did turning the 3rd corner where things didn’t exactly line up.

Unfortunately that’s as far as he got before the weather turned….

And now I have to stare at this split personality horror show until spring.




In other news, our neighbor and her daughter fed our deer while we were gone.




She sent me this picture while we were in Williamsburg, and wanted me to know the child took her responsibility seriously.

And for that she was rewarded.




Flowers for mom and a thank you deer for her daughter.




That little guy cost me a fortune but he was hand made and too damned cute to resist. Look at those feet!




It snowed right after we got back.




But the white stuff sure does make a nice contrast for the sunrise.




We were happy to see our resident buck was still around.




He’s an impressive fellow….




And clearly his women agree.




He’s got quite a little harem going.




With 4 fawns that we know of.

Funny thing is….. as much as I love to travel, it’s sights like these that always make me glad to be home again.









The herd.


Crazy weather this winter left the wildlife a little shell shocked.

Snow, rain, ice, warm temperatures, then more snow and ice. They didn’t know what the hell was going on.

We had skunks in January and fox in February.

And deer?




Yes dear, we had deer.




Veritable herds of deer.




Who we love to watch.



I mean really….

How can you not?



Such beautiful creatures.




They almost make the slow internet speed we have to suffer in the country worthwhile.

Random ridiculousness.


I live in Maine.

We have terrible roads due to the high water content underneath and a never ending cycle of freezing and melting.

Frost heave is a separate season here….




And the potholes can be large enough to swallow your car.

So this made me chuckle the other day….






We’re an odd bunch.




With funny license plates.

I also ran across a strange product:




Are slipping nerd glasses really that much of a problem?




Apparently it is.