38 thoughts on “A beautiful way to start the day.”

  1. I totally agree. Like you, we live far enough away from the hustle and bustle and the demonstrations taking place all over France! Mother nature rewards us with its beauty.

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  2. Living on a golf course I’m treated to gorgeous (if fleeting) sunrises like that on a regular basis, even though I’m not in the country. (It’s country in the back and city in the front.) I’m aware of how fortunate I am and I thank my lucky sunsets, er, stars very often.

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    1. I never thought much about them until we moved here. Luckily we have the best of both worlds, sunrise in the back, sunset in the front. If we ever leave, I’m going to miss the glory.

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      1. Try snow. Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow. S ow. Snow. Snow. Snow. Smow. Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow. S ow. Snow. Snow. Snow. Smow. Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow. S ow. Snow. Snow. Snow. Smow. Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow. S ow. Snow. Snow. Snow. Smow. Snow. Oops. It melted a bit yexterday. Snow….

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  3. Did you get any of the glorious Northern Lights the last couple weeks? I heard they got them as far south as North Carolina. Or were you in bed too early so you could get up at 4:00 AM?
    We live where the Northern Lights can happen anytime but we missed the glorious ones. We were covered by clouds the whole time!

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      1. We got the show here in NC, even here in the western part of the state. No luck for me, but no matter. I aim to see them for myself. I’ve been trying to go to Jasper, can you see them regularly from there? I know Alberta is a pretty big place so you may be far away, but it never hurts to ask.


      2. The Northern Lights come and go, dependent of course on the solar flare activity on the surface of the sun, and the absence of clouds on the Earth. Both conditions are highly variable, and hard to predict when planning a trip.
        Jasper is halfway up the province and is a tourist trap. Yes you can see the northern lights there, but it is average at best for good viewing. And it is expensive as hell. Maybe you don’t have to worry about cost, I don’t know. But uf the “lights” aren’t available there are other things to do there.
        The best place I found for viewing Northern Lights is a little town in the Northwest Territories a couple hundred kilometre (160 miles) north of where I live, called Enterprize. The sky seems to be clear more often than not, and there is no glare of civilization lights anywhere near. From October to May the sky is BLACK at night, and provides a good background to the Northern Lights. Japanese tourists love this spot. The problem is, there is little else to do there, and of course it can be bone-chilling cold in the middle of winter. But that is where I would recommend going for a great view. The tiwn of Hay River is about 75 kms away, which has a few more attractions and better accommodations, if you don’t mind driving to go see them. But the roads can be icy in winter.
        Anyway, here is a website that predicts Northern Light activity about 30 to 90 minutes before they happen. This is about the only warning you can get,so you have to be somewhere the viewing is good to take advantage of the technology.
        Wish I could give you better advice, but while certain seasons are supposed to be better, there us no real way to predict a show until it is about to happen.


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