11 thoughts on “Ice, ice baby.”

  1. I’ll bet they are. I’ve seen a few around here but only one at a time. My girlfriend, Dolly Parton, has a rescue/ educational facility at Dollywood. It pains me to know they can’t fly, which must surely break their hearts.

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  2. You need to get your husband to build an ice house on your property. Then stock it with blocks of ice that you can chillax with whenever a hot flash pops up!

    Then have his make a sauna for c-o-l-d nights.

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  3. I woke to a weird rattling sound. Was it hail? It wasn’t but the drops falling from the sky were so big and falling so fast they may as well have been.

    It’s waking up the grass. I can almost see it change colour from dull green to bright green in front of my eyes…🌧️


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