24 thoughts on “I love this!”

  1. I have spent much of my life transporting rescue dogs, along with the occasional pet pig and cats before disease and age caught up with me. I was my way of reducing the misery in the world by a micro-micro-millimeter.

    I am for anything that tries to do the same. What a novel idea!

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  2. Great idea! We need more innovative ideas like this.
    We used to transport rescue cats to the city before my SUV decided to hit black ice and run off the road into a stand of trees. Wiped the mirrors right off the sides of the vehicle, as well as crunching the front end and whatnot. But I was okay (no animals with me when this happened). We never replaced that car, and our little Honda has no room for cages or carriers.
    While dogsitting for a neighbour one time we tried to bring the dog into our house. The 5 cats almost tore it apart. So no dogs here.

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      1. I love all living things, including red squirrels. But I find cats are so much easier to live with than dogs. I’ve cats cats all my life. Too late to switch now.

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