50 thoughts on “Let’s play.”

  1. I’m not a fan of french fries (or white potatoes in general) nor am I a fan of catsup – so I guess probably nothing if catsup is not available. I do like spicy curly fries tho…probably one of the few things I put salt on.

    As for the garlic challenge – My one and only, well-used apron reads “There is no such thing as too much garlic” which should answer that challenge nicely. Plus I’m Italian, we put garlic, liberally, in/on everything damn thing.

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  2. I have a funny story about ketchup. I hope I have not told it here before…
    I worked with a young man who prided himself on eating ketchup with/on everything. His mother asked me if I could help him stop, she was not a fan of ketchup. I watched him for days, and yes, he put ketchup on literally everything. So I made a bet with him, if I could find a food he could not eat with ketchup on it, he would quit putting it on everything, only on his favourite things. I could not see him getting through life finding a woman who would share his eating habits. He gave me 3 dsys to find such a food, 1 try. When I made the bet I had not thought it through, but I was sure I could find something. By the morning of day 3 I was panicking. So before I went to work I visited a grocery store and walked up and down the aisles. From one side to the other. At last, in the last aisle, I saw it. The perfect food. I bought one, and had his mother prepare it for lunch, hidden under a large salad bowl. When he sat down he knew something was up, but he also was determined to eat whatever it was, smothered in ketchup. I give him full marks for trying, he got 4 bites down before he hesded for the bathroom. His stomach was rebelling. His mother thanked me profusely. The food: grapefruit!
    In secret, later, he told me he was actually glad I found something. His eating ketchup on everything had stsrted as a joke, but the longer it went on the less it became a joke and the more it became a challenge. He didn’t even like ketchup anymore, but he couldn’t stop because that would be defeat, and he hated losing. The grapefruit gave him a way out with dignity. But even so, he had really tried! As long as I knew him, he never ate ketchup again.

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      1. He was 21, and lived with cerebral palsy. To him, he lost at life when he was born. He didn’t want to be a loser again. If he just stopped eating ketchup on his own he was afraid his friends and family would mock him. I felt so sorry for him.

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      2. Working in the field I did, I have lots of sad stories. But lots of great ones too. But because of confidentiality rules they almost all stay bottled up inside me. I said too much on that story as it is, but I wanted to give a bit more background, maybe too much.

        So, why don’t you go car shopping without hubby? He can look at it after you make your decision, but let him know your choice is what you want, new or used.

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