Beemer me up…


The used car shopping continues. Miles upon miles of traveling only to be disappointed by condition or mechanical problems.

Funny part of this saga? We met up with a friend of ours on the journey who happens to sell cars on the side. When the husband told him what we were doing he gave me a strange look and said, “No offense, but I know money isn’t the issue. Why don’t you just buy new?”

To which I rolled my eyes, pointed, and said “Ask him”.

That launched my husband into his usual diatribe about how new cars are an over inflated rip off that depreciate as soon as you drive them off the lot. Then he got started on the car salesman two step. You know the dance… spend half an hour dickering on price only to be told to have a seat while he talks with his manager. Husband hates the whole process.

Because really, used car salesmen are so much better.


Our last stop of the day was a dealership almost 2 hours from home.

I immediately spotted the car I wanted him to buy.



Don’t recognize the logo?




Just a snazzy little runabout in which to do the weekly grocery shopping. Did it cost more than our first house? Sure. But money’s not an issue remember.



Someone came in right behind us and put a down payment on this thing. To which I thought… what a giant waste of hard earned dollars… but hey, whatever floats your boat.



This was the vehicle we came to see and might seriously be a contender.

To be continued…


19 thoughts on “Beemer me up…”

  1. While I agree that the prices of cars are over-inflated and you are being taken advantage of, I have zero patience when it comes to car shopping. You are a more patient woman than I, but if you get the Maserati then it’ll be worth it.


  2. The Maserati is cute, and I understand the need/use for a Polaris…Um, people with lots of land with varied terrain find them helpful. *cough cough*
    I hope this saga ends soon!

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  3. I love new cars. Depreciation, schmepreciation. Any car you drive off the lot is going to lose value, new or old. And you’re liable to end up paying a lot more in repair costs for a used car vs. a new, which is going to be under warranty for at least a few years.

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    1. He’s tough on vehicles. Puts a lot of hard miles on them in no time. He’s always on the road. I prefer new as well but there’s no use arguing. He is a man after all.

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