Is WordPress hangry?


And if not…. why does it keep eating my comments?

So I’m happily cruising blogs, leaving killer comments, thinking…

“Ya, I really slayed that one.”

Only to go back a while later   wondering why no one has complimented me on my razor sharp witcursing the blog owner for ignoring me ,  to read other comments and find that mine has disappeared.




So, I leave the same killer comment again.

Making sure it stuck this time…




Sorry, my mind went there.

And if I check a third time? Yeah… the comment is still A.W.O.L.



There are only 3 possible explanations.

  1.   The blog owner doesn’t think I’m clever and deleted it. (No, that can’t be it.  I’m delightful, damn it!)
  2.   I was dreaming and/or ghost typing in my sleep.  (Possible, but not likely. Although I did sleep walk as a child and apparently watched an entire Vincent Price movie without waking up… which is really the only way to enjoy The Tingler.)

Yes, that’s a real movie.

Don’t believe me?






You can thank me for the nightmares later.

And finally,  reason #3.  WordPress is hangry…. or just plain screwing with the newbie.

Which is the reason I’m leaning toward because… every once in a while?  My comment will post 4 times making me look desperate for attention. (Which I’m not, really…. no matter how many times I hang out my window and yell, “Hey sailor!”)

So, WordPress?

Cut it out.

The newbie is not amused.

18 thoughts on “Is WordPress hangry?”

  1. If you haven’t commented on a site before, and in a few other instances, your comment may be held for moderation until the site owner has a chance to approve it. In the meantime, it looks like it’s gone, but it’s not.

    OR Automatic could have decided that you are persona non gratis (i.e., SPAM) and your comments may be being held in a the “spammer slammer.”

    If you leave a comment on my blog, I’ll check and see if you’re being treated as spam.

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  2. I never don’t approve your comments–but I have had duplicates show up. I approve them both. LOL But if you ever see your comments not show up on my blog after half a day, you let me know. I love having you visit my blog and don’t want you to think otherwise!

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  3. Sometimes mine are eaten too. I wait it out, people find me in spam. Sometimes, if it’s really timely or important to me, I’ll use the contact me or email them and let them know I got eaten.
    I have a worse time with missing comments. :/ Why am I not notified of ALL comments?!?


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