My toilet should not smell like coconuts.


Now before all you coconut lovers start espousing the 3,567 health benefits of coconut oil….




Let me explain. I love me some coconut….

I love the pie.




I love the alcohol.




I love the thought of chillin’ on a tropical beach…



I mean hell, who doesn’t?




But on the throne? I don’t need to be thinking about….




Which is where my mind went after I purchased this:


See the coconuts?

Well, I didn’t. Which is another reason why I need to sling my readers around my neck when I shop.

Clean toilets should not smell like coconut.

Period. End of discussion.

I’m there to take care of business, not daydream about suntan lotion and lounging by the pool….




Although with my luck, it would end up like…




And let’s not forget about the dangers.

Coconuts can be lethal!





The last thing I want to think about on the toilet is a random coconut falling on my head and dying with my drawers around my ankles.

So stop with the tropical fragrances Clorox, and go back to that eye watering, stomach churning chemical smell we all know and hate.

Give a girl a break.

30 thoughts on “My toilet should not smell like coconuts.”

  1. Thank you for the head’s up. Now that i’ve Fired my housekeeper and I’m back to scrubbing my own toilets again I’m actually paying attention and buying this stuff again. I had no idea this a thing. You’ve provided a real public service here, and I am most grateful.

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  2. Just think of the health benefits for the toilet?

    One or two palm trees, a square metre of sand as a pedestal mat, conch shells, a grass skirt and sunglasses…
    Transforms the whole experience?

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  3. Well it is better than other smells I have encountered in a bathroom!!!
    By the way, I really wish you would stop using my picture on your posts whether I am wearing an open shirt or no shirt at all–and I see Fred borrowed my white suit again!

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  4. Hm. I don’t know. I love coconut, too. And I don’t think I’d be averse to daydreaming of being poolside whilst my log cutter is, well, cutting logs. Better than playing Bricks N’ Balls on my phone while waiting for it all to be over. But, I’m also the only person in the world who hates lavender scented cleaning products, so I’m probably not the best judge of what they should smell like…

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