Day 6, and we travel back in time.



Well, not really. We didn’t have a Tardis…




But we did drive over to Connecticut so the husband could revisit his boyhood home.




He was born in Maine, but the family ( 9 kids! He’s #2 ) moved when he was 8 years old.




The town is very rural, and famous for it’s covered bridge.




Which we always have to drive through, just because.




Everything about the place is quaint, and quintessentially New England.








Was quite literally my husband’s backyard growing up.




Yes, all of it.




He grew up on a farm which encompassed the entire valley, at the base of Coltsfoot Mountain.



I have no idea how many acres it was, but you can imagine when his mother told them to go outside and play…. she didn’t see them for a while.

The house and barn are at the end of this next video.



Back in the husband’s day there were 3 large barns, and many large cows. But being a dairy farm, you’d expect that.




There were probably many large cow pies as well.




No, not that kind.




Reminiscing finished, we headed back into “town” to look for some lunch.




Being the giant metropolis that it is, there was only choice… and it was shut up tighter than the proverbial drum.

Someone told us it went out of business, but that’s the husband peering anxiously through the windows.

I tend to get cranky when hungry and clearly he was desperate.


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