White Horse for lunch….


No, we didn’t eat Trigger.




But Trip Advisor did lead us to one of the best restaurants ever.




The White Horse in New Preston Connecticut.




Yo, Trigger. Trot across the street will ya…




It was quite nice inside with warm woods, and a rustic English country pub atmosphere.




Yes, that’s a motorcycle enshrined behind the bar.




But not just any motorcycle. This was a 1920 Indian Scout, the first production year for what would eventually evolve into the famous Chief.


But more importantly….




I began working my way down the martini list.




The Ginger Horse was first up… and first rate.




While we cruised the menu, I noticed there were some very interesting pieces scattered  around the various rooms.

Take a look.

The husband ordered a chicken tender appetizer, and the presentation was kind of cute.




So while he ate, I drank. And the White Horse Cosmo was so good I forgot to photograph it.




Husband opted for the Chicken Pot Pie… and talk about presentation.




Isn’t that just the best?




I went for the Kobe beef burger with caramelized onions and blue cheese, which had a horse grilled into the bun. They’re nothing if not loyal to their brand.

Drink #3 was the Freedom Horse, because sure…

I can be loyal too.

And who could resist their desserts?




Not me.

Banoffi Pie – toffee, banana cream filling, and whipped cream with a chocolate drizzle. Favored at Buckingham Palace, they say.

I agree with the Queen.  It was amazing…




And came with prerequisite horse.

Trigger would be proud.




Okay, okay. Technically Trigger wasn’t white.

But Buttermilk, Dale Evans’ horse, was.

And who cares?

They’re both dead, stuffed and won’t mind if I take a little artistic license.







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