Hyde Park, Part Two…..

After touring Springwood, we found FDR’s grave.


It’s a solemn spot, and must have been lovely in the summer with the surrounding beds of roses and peonies.


To the left are the stables and the greenhouse.


And it’s quite a greenhouse, let me tell you. Back in the day it was all the rage to have potted palm trees in northern climates, so to this day the estate keeps their palm trees in here for the winter.


The stable was a funky looking building.


And I was expecting the interior to be the same.




It was just a typical stable.


With, get this….


Horse stuff.

Yeah, who knew?


They did have an old recording of Eleanor’s voice describing how they used to ride the countryside playing throughout…. but the place was filled with tourists and when I tried filming a walk around, all I got was some teenager blabbing about his athletes foot.


Not really.

But I did get a kick out of this horse’s name.


After the stables, we headed over to the Presidential library.


This was the original drive onto the estate.


And this…


Was a big tree.


(Hang in there, only a little more vacation to go.)

19 thoughts on “Hyde Park, Part Two…..”

  1. I thought the last post was about the last day……….!! Will it be another week for just the last day??? Save us!! I mean…please continue. I like to read about History.

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  2. Much as I am loath to say anything nice… It actually sounds like a nice holiday. The nit at the end reminds me of driving in South Africa and seeing a sign saying ‘the big tree’. We took a big detour to see the big tree. Thought it was funny ‘we saw the big tree’

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      1. When’s the next one.. can I suggest your head West skirting Canada, maybe to Niagara then on to Montana into Yellowstone. I doubt I’ll be able to do it, so need some boots on the ground.. and some good photos..

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