How’s this for irony?


You stuck with me for 29 posts about our vacation to the Berkshires last month.

(29! I think that’s a record, even for me.)




Yes, I’m really done.

But admit it… you enjoyed the ride, right?



Okay,  that was hurtful.

But thanks to modern technology, and WordPress’s scheduling feature…… as you sit and read this post on the 18th, I’ve actually just returned from a new vacation in the mountains of Vermont.





It’s true.

We left on the 10th, and came back the 17th.



And rest assured I’ll have hundreds more pictures of our adventures that I’ll  have to share.




You’re welcome.

15 thoughts on “How’s this for irony?”

  1. Ooh I love the green mountains! Did you go to the cheese place by Ben and Jerry’s? I think I are my weight in samples there and mortgaged the house buying stuff to bring home. Did you see that nutter earring block of cheese like a snickers bar on the way out of the car park? Yeah it was me. Cheese rage is real
    folks. We found a really good Indian restaurant in Burlington too

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  2. I have no problem with viewing vacation photos via blog post since it gives me plenty of time to come up with a thoughtful, witty and mocking comment about them to show that I haven’t fallen asleep during the presentation…

    Now you want someone who was really annoying with vacation photos… that would be a guy I used to work with. Great co-worker, good guy. But I always dreaded when he came back from a vacation, because I knew he’d be pulling out the stack of photos about nine inches high that he wasn’t going to shut up about until I looked at every…single… one of them while he stopped me at random times to comment about what was in them. The photos followed a very simple and predictable pattern too. Photo of something of interest. Photo of his wife in front of that something of interest. Photo of him in front of that something of interest. Photo of both of them (taken by whatever poor schmuck happened to be near them at the time) in front of that something of interest. Rinse, wash, repeat for about 900 pictures. Ugh…

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