Yay for me.


The understanding wife.

I recently celebrated a birthday. (Okay, there was more silent cursing of my advancing years than actual celebrating, but you get the idea.)

The husband had some lovely flowers delivered…




Which have opened quite nicely since then.




As well as a really large card.




The phrase “size doesn’t matter” clearly has no meaning for my other half, as evidenced by his gift.




A monstrously large  (not to mention monstrously expensive)  Breville appliance.

I must have made the mistake of muttering under my breath about needing a new toaster oven recently… because boy, I’ve got one now.




It’s like that old Ginsu knife they used to advertise ad nauseam in the 80’s. It slices, it dices, it cleans your fish.




But… but…

While I appreciate the thought, all I really wanted was toast.

So I unpacked and played with my new toy in between doing hair and makeup and getting ready to go out to dinner as we always do on my  damn it, don’t remind me I’m older  birthday.

Except…. (here comes the understanding wife part) my kind, considerate husband called to say his friend at the office won Bruins tickets and he’d like to go with him down to Boston for the night.



Yes, he’s a brave soul.


#1…. I turned … never mind what I turned. Suffice it to say it’s generally not an easy age for women.

#2…. I just weaned myself off my estrogen patch a few weeks ago and, have been  experiencing uncontrollable psychotic rages  a little moody.

#3…. I had planned on a few celebratory cocktails. (Which no one should get in the way of and expect to live.)

Regardless, he plowed ahead with all the reasons he should attend while I listened quietly and agreed. The ever understanding wife.

That being said, let me leave you with a word of advice gentlemen….




We women have long memories.


41 thoughts on “Yay for me.”

  1. One my marriage anniversaries. I got all dolled up at home waiting for my future ex husband to come home and take me for supper as promised. I sat. And I sat. And I sat some more. Finally around 11pm he rolls in….

    He had been at the bar celebrating our anniversary with GRRRRRRR. Nothing he could do or say would make up for this problem.

    So the next year on our anniversary? I went with the girls to see the Incredible Hunks (think Chippendale dancers) at the bar downtown LaCrosse. The 3 of us had a WONDERFUL time!

    My future ex husband? Stayed home and spent time with his children. I think. Who knows. He may have gotten a sitter and gone out too. By then I did not care. I just didn’t want to spend my anniversary with him anymore.

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  2. Double nickel, I love it! Your marital half is much more aware of things because actually paid attention. It might have not been EXACTLY what you meant but, he made his consciousness aware, at that’s saying a lot. Happy Belated Birthday! 🎂🍷

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  3. River, Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you figure out a very good way your husband can make this up to you — make him pay big time!!!!! Usually he sounds like a pretty great guy, though; so hopefully, he won’t make such an egregious error in judgment in the future! Print out a copy of this post and pull it out for him anytime he even remotely starts heading in a wrong direction! Mona

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  4. Uh huh.

    Well, Pthhhbbbbbttt.

    I had this lil food processor, left it on my counter for years, made a lot of baby food, some hummus, some pesto, nice for zucchini bread, the occasional cold sauce — and it died. Aw. My husband, also a good and thoughtful man, immediately ran out and bought me a behemoth new food processor that does things I still don’t even understand. It’s very fancy. I use it about 10 times a year. It has its own cupboard. I can’t put it in with the other appliances, the other appliances are a rough crew.

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    1. My husband did that a few years ago on Black Friday. Stood in line at 1:00am to be one of the lucky 10 who received a super discount on a fancy washer and dryer. Yes, it was a great deal. And no, I still haven’t used 3/4’s of the functions.
      And now that you mention it, my coffee maker is looking a little intimidated by the new appliance. Let’s hope it doesn’t develop performance anxiety….

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