An Advent calendar I can get behind.

Brought to you by the New Hampshire State Liquor Outlet. (No tax!)




A little whiskey bottle for (almost) every day of the month. I should have bought it.

Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve… you know how it goes. But my cart was already pretty full.




Hey, you celebrate your way… I’ll celebrate mine. ( Black raspberry, orange and grapefruit. Don’t judge, I’m getting my vitamin C! )

The husband and I had to take a trip down to Massachusetts and never pass up the opportunity of cheaper, tax free booze.

On the way back we stopped for lunch.




An old restaurant where we used to eat had been lovingly redone.




And turned into The York River Landing.




It’s on the river, in York… hence the creative name.




I loved their little tabletop arrangements….




Which smelled wonderfully fresh and made me want to stuff the cute container in my purse.




The beer selection was huge, the cocktail list small.




But the Blue Kiss Martini was seconds worthy.




Salad and soups were fresh and tasty. Sorry, but I forgot to photograph the rest of the meal.

Blame the Blueberry Moonshine.

I will.





17 thoughts on “Finally….”

  1. Very Cool! I’ve shopped in NH liquor stores . . . as far back as high school. Definitely a good place to stock up.

    Love the idea of that Advent calendar!!!

    And your lunch spot looked good too. Very pleasant!

    So do you have a special cocktail for Christmas and Christmas Eve? Or for New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve?

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