Mark Twain, Albert Einstein and an amethyst trouser snake.



No, I didn’t sneeze…. it’s a place.




Granted it’s designed for tourists with money to burn.




But it’s also a lovely warren of shops and cafes…




And a pleasant place to stroll the day away.




(I think this elk was complaining about his decided lack of fluffy butt.)




I could easily have seen that skull on my living room coffee table…

But no.




We saw Mark Twain.



And a very relaxed Albert Einstein.




(I wanted my other half to take my picture sitting on his lap and giving him a smooch, but again… uncooperative husband.)




Most of the shops were outrageously expensive…

And some of them were down right weird.




This one had fake pink stalactites hanging from the ceiling.

As well as …..





I’m sorry.




But any way you look at it?




That’s an amethyst penis.

(And a very large one at that.)

And if you think my husband was mortified at the thought of me kissing dear old Albert?

You should have seen his face when I made a point of photographing that semi precious love dart.


20 thoughts on “Mark Twain, Albert Einstein and an amethyst trouser snake.”

  1. You scold me for mentioning sweat, only for me to log in to read your blog and to read some wholesome family entertainment and get a giant purple penis shoved in my face. (This is maybe ‘envy’ that I’m feeling).

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  2. … I wonder if they still call it a geode since it more trouser-troutish than roundish? Pretty, though. I imagine that a number of creative poses where done with Al E. … I mean, what are you going to do … he is just there ….

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  3. Re your hubby declining to take your picture sitting on Einstein’s and giving him a smooch, maybe he just didn’t want you to catch Einstein’s intelligence….which would be like my wife being worried about me catching Casanova’s lovemaking’s prowess. But it’s futile in each case: you and I already surpass the legendary genius and Lothario (or should I just speak for myself?).

    I’d add hahahahahahaha, but that would be repeating myself from a previous comment. 😦

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