Just a quickie…


We all hate spell check, I get it.

But sometimes it makes me laugh….

And laugh hard.

Witness this morning when I was cruising WordPress with my iPhone and commenting on a post.

This post  to be exact.

The author is funny as Hell, and as I was replying about her desire to send her cat and dog (who constantly try to trip her) to Fuckoffistan…

Spell check came up with this :





You mean there really is a Fuckoffistan?

And I was spelling it incorrectly?


You really do learn something new everyday.

15 thoughts on “Just a quickie…”

  1. Really? Fuckkoffistan spell check recognized and I get redlined with “clusterfuck” and “narcist?” And narcist is a real word people use. Well spell check can go straight to fuckkoffistan on a clusterfuck filled plane? 😡🤔🤨

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